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Converting Instructor Led Training to eLearning

Converting instructor-led training (ILT) to e-learning can be challenging, but the benefits of making this transition far outweigh the difficulty. Not only can your learners access your courses online at any time and place, but you will also increase your efficiency and accessibility, save money, and increase your profits. Converting your ILT into online courses will help keep your company relevant in an increasingly digital world, allowing you to grow and scale your business consistently. After your initial investment, e-learning will pay you back in dividends, with minimal upkeep. 

Get started by determining whether you need an expert. Using a subject matter professional or instructional designer will increase your costs but minimize the risk of designing inefficient and ineffective learning materials. You can also consider going DIY or finding a current employee who has some level of design skill for the project. Keep in mind that designing your own courses with little to no technical experience can be messy!

Moving forward, you will want to pick a design model and an authoring tool. There are many options for both; be sure to do your research so you select the best methods and tools for your content. You will also want to choose an LMS, as this is a vital part of how you will deliver your training. Finally, it’s time to get to work. Finalize the plans and design, test out your e-learning, and publish it for your learners! 

This guide explains why it is crucial that you digitize your content and how you can do it without headache.

Why Should You Convert Your ILT to E-learning?

While face-to-face learning will always have a place in the world, more and more training has moved online. It’s common now for learners to fulfill training and education requirements from the comfort of their living rooms. While your ILT might be engaging and effective, converting it into an e-learning format will keep your business relevant and enable your content to be accessed by a much wider audience, increasing your bottom line and earning potential. There is no better way for a training provider to exponentially grow their business than to move it online. With one course, you can provide training to an unlimited number of users...

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