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LMS Management Tips for Training Providers

Are you looking for learning management system (LMS) tips for training providers? This white paper will take you on an easy journey to better LMS management. Being a training provider with multiple clients can be challenging, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can build an efficient business.

Find out why training providers use a multi-tenant LMS system versus single-tenant systems and how that will benefit your training business. Learn about building and managing your online training courses and the easiest ways to update and test your e-learning content. We also review common challenges that you may face as an online training provider and how to overcome these problems with ease. You’ll learn how to use a multi-tenant system to promote growth while creating value for your clients and their users. Then, we go over reporting, learning how to use it to show off the success of your programs and keep learners on track. Finally, you’ll learn about data security and the easiest ways to secure your and your client’s information. 

We hope that this white paper can help you take advantage of the best learning management tips!

Why Training Providers Use Multi-tenant LMS


What is a multi-tenant LMS?

While many LMS are meant for handling single-user audiences, such as K-12 education and corporate training, a multi-tenant LMS is meant for providers that sell their training to multiple different clients or partners. As a training provider, you have specific needs. Rather than serving a single audience, you need to meet the needs of many different audiences at once. A multi-tenant LMS enables each of your clients, or tenants, to have their own rules, branding, content, and user population while you enjoy the ease of managing all your customers through a single login.

Benefits of using a mult-tentant LMS

If you choose an LMS made specifically for training providers, you can create a training platform that seamlessly integrates with your client’s brand. You can provide a full white-label solution, and your clients can give their users a consistent brand experience. So, when you use a multi-tenant LMS, you can serve multiple audiences and keep your stress to a minimum! Each site and the courses that you provide can be customized for each client. You can manage users from a single interface while maintaining control of your content and getting reports for each specific client...


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